About crazy love stories

Crazy love stories – true love stories of real people.


How it changes everything that it touches: the grass is greener and music sweeter. It is not surprising that we all want to be blessed by its beauty. It seems to be so easily found for some. For others, love is just something that happens to other people and never seems to work for them in a forever kind of way… until that one memorable day…

We wanted to put these stories together to celebrate this magic called love. It comes at us from all angles whether we expect it or not. It will conquer distance, will erase any imaginary dividing lines between races, creeds and ages. It will sometimes steal you from the arms of another and there you will remain forever.

These are true stories of real people. We thank them for sharing their beautiful stories of love with us. They always warm our hearts and we hope they make you smile too.

We wish you a wonderful world filled with love.



  1. Bianca, @missbinky – get your bum back on Steemit! The Steem price is taking off! Get blogging ASAP! We need old hands like you back to board to help all the new minnows!

    Your old travelling friend @mindhunter

  2. Mindhunter – so nice to hear from you old friend! What can I say but ‘Yessir!’ and I will make my way back very soon. Plus, you read my mind – was just thinking about Steemit a few days ago.

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