Although every love story is so very special and unique, there are some similarities when it comes to how our happy couples met.

Here are the different categories of our crazy love stories.

True love stories about happy couples


All love stories – True love stories of real couples: How they met and fell in love. All of our true love stories in one place.


True love stories of happy couples with an age difference


Age difference love stories – Relationships of happy couples with an age difference.


How we met love stories of real couples


Crazy love stories – These are our craziest true love stories that are seriously mind-blowing!


True love between different backgrounds


Different backgrounds – True love stories of couples from different religions, races or countries that have made it work – some effortlessly, some with serious challenges and opposition.


Two girls in love in Atlanta


Gay & lesbian love stories – True love stories of gay & lesbian couples.


True love story in Russia


Gone but not forgotten – ‘Till death do us part. True love stories of relationships that really lasted forever.



Long distance relationship stories – Couples in long distance relationships that made it work.


Couples who have been together for decades


Long lasting love – True love stories of couples who’ve been together for decades. Read about how they met, committed and made it work.


Love at first sight


Love at first sight – True love stories of couples who fell in love at first sight that are still together.


Couples who fell in love at the workplace


Love in the workplace – True love stories of couples who worked together who are now in a committed relationship.



Getting back together – Couples who finally found happiness after getting back together following a break-up. Sometimes a break is what you need.


True love story of couple who met on Tinder


New love – New relationships that moved very fast. Some couples know from the get-go and settle into a commitment very quickly. Read about how their lives changed in just a few months.


True love stories of real couples


Online love – Couples who met online and are still together in a committed relationship.


True love stories how they met


Updated – News & updates to our existing love stories. Where are they now? Read about engagements, marriages, children and happy changes about our couples.


We eloped – Couples who had to elope to be together (coming soon).