I’M AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is it that people who are particularly loving and kind-hearted are so often the ones that end up mistreated and lonely? What becomes of them? Does destiny ever reward these believers who courageously stand their ground and open their hearts with faith every single time? Read the true love story of Sandi & Tim, two beautiful souls on two ends of the world who never stopped believing in love.

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“Risks, courage, struggles & endless love – thank you Liverpool Football Club!”

This is a beautiful story about how when you have courage, you have love. Read about Philip & Safiyyah who met on Twitter. Coming from very different backgrounds and religions, they had the courage to quit jobs, move continents and handle family opposition to make their love survive. Married four months after they met, they took the shortcut to happy ever after! What an incredible journey they have experienced. Read on…

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True love stories

“I didn’t believe in crazy love or fairy tales until it happened to me…”

UPDATED – The cynicism caused by years in unhappy relationships, wrong choices and bad experiences is not an easy one to get over. And how we are also influenced by memories of our childhood… It is difficult to keep the hope alive in an environment and past that has been so painfully arid. But when love has decided to make its way towards you there is nowhere to run, much

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I went on Tinder and broke all my rules – thank God I did!

“But you’re going to leave, why bother dating? And on Tinder of all places?!” Logic was nagging as usual. “Shush!” she said and listened to the voice of her intuition instead saying, “Just give it a try, who knows? Look, he seems lovely, yes, he’s bare-chested, but swipe right, just see what he’s like, forget those rules you made…”. And that’s how the fairy tale began. Read on… Names: Danielle

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The long lost feelings of love returned when I met her

Sometimes love begins with multiple challenges. Our anonymous story is about a lovely couple who were over 40 and 60 when they met. They were separated via jobs, culture and countries but joined via the heart. Great obstacles were on the way to their union. In this struggle between love and circumstance, guess which emerged victorious? Read on for this touching story of making the impossible possible with love. Names:

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They said, “You can get married tomorrow,” and now we are 3…

Names: Metin & Vita Status: Married Been together since: 2014 Metin: I had just returned to Turkey from Thailand and was not in the best of places emotionally. I found I was staying home a lot, I was not feeling happy and could sense dark clouds above me. I was on Facebook one day talking to my friend Mustafa, who lives in New York. As we were chatting, I saw photos

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Couples who fell in love at the workplace

It all felt so right – it really was that simple

Names: Roxana & David Status: Married Been together since: 1999   Roxana: We met at work. We started working for Bose on the same day and met when we went for our orientation together – June 23rd, 1997. We exchanged our first words during our coffee break where we ended up sitting opposite each other. We discovered we had similar backgrounds with his parents being Syrian-Lebanese and myself being raised in Dubai.

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Hawaiian ceremony Korean Swiss wedding

There is a story and it has to do with destiny

Names: Eunjung & Yves Status: Married Been together since: 2011 Yves: I was having a challenging time during 2010. I had a breakdown and left behind absolutely everything that had defined me and my life up until that point and headed into a void, letting go of everything. I arrived in Kaua’i in Hawaii at the start of 2011. The traumatic phase I was in manifested itself physically and I

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When you meet ‘The One’ you actually know it

Names: Refika & Rudi Relationship status: Married Been together since: 2005 Our story began in December 2005. Actually, the universe had apparently started working for us before that but I had no idea! It had become a regular annual event to have dinner with our salsa group every December. That year we were running late. I kept urging them to arrange it. We finally got it organized at my dear

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