True love stories

“I didn’t believe in crazy love or fairy tales until it happened to me…”

UPDATED – The cynicism caused by years in unhappy relationships, wrong choices and bad experiences is not an easy one to get over. And how we are also influenced by memories of our childhood… It is difficult to keep the hope alive in an environment and past that has been so painfully arid. But when love has decided to make its way towards you there is nowhere to run, much

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South African love story in Dubai

How interlinked we had been without knowing it – a love story in Dubai

Names: Monique & Quinton Status: Engaged, (Updated 2015) Married, (updated 2016) Became parents.  Been together since: 2013 About 14 months ago a mutual friend sent me a message saying that one of his good friends, Quinton, was moving to Dubai, where I live. He asked if I could show him around. I said, “Sure!” He arrived a month before he was to move just to sign his contract. We met the day

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