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There is a story and it has to do with destiny

Names: Eunjung & Yves

Status: Married

Been together since: 2011

Yves: I was having a challenging time during 2010. I had a breakdown and left behind absolutely everything that had defined me and my life up until that point and headed into a void, letting go of everything. I arrived in Kaua’i in Hawaii at the start of 2011.

The traumatic phase I was in manifested itself physically and I became very ill. At one point I had a very significant experience and felt I had left my body and was floating toward a light. I knew I had to decide to leave this sphere or come back and commit to a new path. I returned committed.

My new path was very different from the corporate life I used to lead. I started to recommit myself to studying and living spirituality. In June 2011, I received powerful and profound visions that I had to journey to every island in Hawaii.

I knew my purpose was to follow and find as many sacred places as possible and work with the energies the lands and my higher self had to offer. I just followed my intuition, guided by much synchronicity; doors were opening and gently guiding me along my path as they do when you are on the correct path.

I called this my vision quest. My earlier relationship had ended more than a year before, and I just knew intuitively that I would meet my beloved at one point during this journey around the islands. I was ready. I was thinking it would happen at some point during this vision quest. I didn’t expect, however, that it would happen even before I left Kaua’i for my big journey.

I was still in Kaua’i, rushing to the airport. I had a brief appointment to meet my friend Tiffany in a café to pay for a reservation I’d made to stay at her place. However, Tiffany was nowhere to be seen. I tried the other café, thinking she might be there instead.

I walked in and that’s when I first saw Eunjung!

There she was sitting, working on her laptop. I had gotten Eunjung’s business card at Tiffany’s place many weeks before, which had her photo on it. I had been meaning to contact Eunjung for one of the sessions she offered.

I’d also happened to notice how pretty she was in the photo on the card, but my intentions were purely professional. Somehow, I’d never managed to book an appointment in the three months since I’d taken her card. And here she was now, in the flesh.

I walked over and introduced myself. She was surprised that I knew her. I explained the story and asked if she could pass the payment to Tiffany for me. I told her about my vision quest. I had no idea what Eunjung was doing at that point and how similar our paths were.

cacao ceremony

This is how we met, just like in a movie, for only a few minutes. I then dashed off to catch my plane, too hurried to realize the significance of the moment. At the end of my vision quest I returned to Kaua’i, but Eunjung wasn’t there anymore.

I went back to Switzerland at the end of July, after I had stayed and studied in Kaua’i for 7 months. I knew in my heart that this was not the place for me anymore. I had to return to Kaua’i. In the beginning of September, Eunjung reappeared.

Eunjung: I left Kaua’i that summer and returned to Colorado. I’d been traveling so much that I wished to just stay grounded for a while. It wasn’t long before I started getting antsy again and yearning to travel.

A friend of mine just then sent me a message saying she had recently moved into a lovely apartment in London overlooking the Thames and asked me to visit. I loved the idea and accepted her invitation with gratitude. I had long since wanted to visit the Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, a very special place, and wanted to be there for autumn equinox on the 21st of September. I could combine the journeys.

I sent some invites to people I knew in Europe, perhaps 10 people, including Yves. Though, we’d had very little contact since our brief encounter in Kaua’i at the end of June, Yves confirmed that he would join me in the Rosslyn Chapel on the 21st. I’d arranged to fly into Scotland that day, carry out some ceremonies and meditations in the chapel and fly out that same night.

It was a cold and rainy day. Yves’ plane was delayed and he was slightly late. When he did arrive, he was wearing a black coat. I remember thinking how dashing he looked in that coat. He actually later used this coat to place on the benches for me to sit on outside the chapel, as it had been raining and the seats were wet. That was such a tender gesture, it touched my heart.

Rosslyn Chapel Scotland

We went ahead and offered some ceremonies and meditations. It was not a romantic date to begin with; we really focused on what we had come there for. We have beautiful memories of that rainy afternoon in the sacred chapel.

Then we went to have some dinner in Edinburgh. That was when we finally got to know each other on a soul level. Funny, I had sent that invite to quite a few people and it was interesting that it ended up being only the two of us.

Later, Yves admitted it was there that later that he started to have some romantic feelings about me! I was surprised he’d flown in only for just one day.

Yves: There is a story to why I flew in that day and it has to do with destiny. See, I knew Eunjung would be in Switzerland, where I was, a week later and I could have easily waited to see her there instead.

Here is why I didn’t wait: Months before that, I was doing a lot of spiritual work with a very powerful healer on Kaua’i. I hadn’t even heard of Eunjung at that point. I was spending the afternoon with Howard Wills, my healer friend, and a small group of friends at Howard’s place when suddenly he got very serious and looked at me.

“Yves,” he said, “I have to tell you something. You have to go to the Rosslyn Chapel. There is something that awaits you there. You must go and you must do it during this year. It is very important for the work you would be doing throughout 2012 and beyond. Please go!”

I hadn’t ever heard of the Rosslyn Chapel and asked him where in Hawaii the chapel was located. He briefly told me that the place is in Scotland and had connections with the book, “The Da Vinci Code”, the Holy Grail and the story behind it. At that point, I had no intention of leaving Kaua’i or returning to Europe.

So this information had gone to the back of my mind and I’d completely forgotten what he’d said until I got the invite from Eunjung five months later! It gave me the chills! I strongly felt the presence of my healer friend, remembered his words and knew I had to go. It was a prophecy and it had to be fulfilled.

And here we were now having dinner, just the two of us. I was slowly starting to sense feelings that were awakening in me towards her. Eunjung had to fly back that night and I’d booked a room for myself for the night in Edinburgh. I went to see a movie on my own and I found myself wishing that she’d just been there right next to me so we could share the movie together. I was very much looking forward to seeing her in one week in Switzerland.



Eunjung: I was also looking forward to seeing Yves. The next week, when we met in Switzerland as planned, we were with a few other friends in a beautiful mountain forest. We felt very infused with pristine energies. We offered ceremonies and meditations again. We both felt incredibly connected on an energetic level due to our previous work in the Rosslyn Chapel. We had a great time but we couldn’t spend any of it alone. I was beginning to like him more and more.

Yves: We arranged to meet in Kaua’i again. Another friend of mine on Kaua’i, who is a spiritual teacher, was setting up a retreat for lightworkers and wanted me to act as her assistant. Not only was this job something that I loved to do, it gave me a great opportunity to go back to Kaua’i.

The retreat itself was wonderful, with a very profound experience to be had every day. I was in bliss and it was truly magical. The retreat ended on the 29th of October and we had a community event to celebrate it that evening. I had a vision in 2008 and knew I had to be in Kauai at the end of October 2011 and I was indeed. It was at the community event that I saw Eunjung again.

Eunjung: I had just arrived that day and went to the community event in the evening. Yves and I had been messaging each other before, just to discuss logistics and accommodation. I was walking and we came across each other and hugged. He told me it was very nice to see me again and that he’d watched some of the videos on my website and found them to be very helpful. Then, out of the blue, he gave me a very small kiss on my lips.

Yves: I was on a very short break, but I just had to give her a little kiss. It was completely unplanned. That was it for the day. I was off work for the next few days. There is a beautiful cave in Kaua’i called Blue Room. It’s considered sacred for many reasons. A common friend of ours was going to conduct a crystal bowl meditation there and I knew I had to go.

The energy in the cave the next day was perfect and I felt very peaceful. I had my eyes closed and was very happy. When the meditation ended, people started to sing. I still had my eyes closed in blissful silence, enjoying the chanting. Just then I heard the most powerful voice that joined in, a very familiar voice. It was Eunjung.

Eunjung: I heard about the sound gathering in the Blue Room cave and felt I needed to be there. When I arrived a bit late, I was pleasantly surprised to see Yves again sitting in meditation. That day was amazing and I felt a lot of energy coming, moving me to sing.

I channeled ‘Rainbow Goddess Shantara’ for the first time. It was absolutely amazing, very powerful. When it was over, people slowly started to leave. I just stood there and saw Yves coming over. He gave me a warm, long hug. That’s when we had our first real kiss, in that magical cave. We have been together since!


Wedding in South Korea

We got married two years later in South Korea. We also had a spiritual ceremony in Hawaii the following month. I can’t believe it has already been a year!

Hawaiian spiritual ceremony

We’ve been working and traveling together ever since. We’ve already been to 28 countries, spreading love and healing. I must admit it’s been challenging at times with all these energies we are working with. But we have so many blissful moments that we feel like we are constantly floating from one honeymoon to the next!

What advice do you have for anyone who’s looking for love?

Eunjung: Be completely in love with yourself first and follow whatever your passion is. When you follow what lies in your heart, you’ll meet the person who shares your passion.

Yves: I agree, you have to love yourself unconditionally, really love and accept what you are. Also, you have to have a vision. Eunjung and I do counseling and energy work for couples’ therapy, and I have 4 questions that I ask the people we work with four questions:

What do you want to bring to the relationship yourself? What do you wish for your partner to bring to the relationship? What do you want to create together with your partner? What do you want to experience with your partner in your world?

When you have clarity on the above questions, it will help attract the right type of partner. Always ask what do you want to give before you ask what you want to receive.

Eunjung: Writing it down is also very important.

I had a ceremony in Kaua’i to invoke my love and my partner a few months before I met Yves. I wrote down what I wanted to experience in love, and all the qualities I wished to have in my partner. I was with my girlfriends and we had the ceremony on a beach in the south of Kaua’i on a beautiful day. We were surrounded by all the colors of Mother Nature and I released my written prayer into the ocean.

I immediately spotted a heart-shaped purple stone and a smaller heart-shaped pink stone on it in the waters where we sat. I recognized this as a sign that my wishes would be granted and knew that I would soon be united with my love. I felt a surge of strong energy. And here we are now loving one another and also helping and healing other couples on their own journey as part of our work. It really is wonderful.

What advice do you have for couples going through a hard time?

Eunjung: Always remember the essence of each other – why you fell in love in the first place. Challenges always arise and they always pass. Always focus on the essence, the core of the other person and yourself. We are all growing ourselves, and helping each other to grow. Don’t lose yourself in another person. Allow the energies to harmoniously dance together, without trying to change the other person.

Yves: Don’t be afraid to go to a place of solitude. Maybe it’s good to take time out to contemplate. Don’t use this time to go socializing and meeting other people. Instead, go to a place of stillness and silence, and see what emerges.

One thing I have learned about love is…

Yves: It was always there around me, even in the moments I forgot it the most. Love is always around… love just is.

Eunjung: Love is very present every moment. Be persistent in remembering that. Don’t let the other person forget it either.

(Eunjung and Yves are spiritual counselors and healers who are passionate about raising the frequencies of the planet and helping people live life magically through relationship and life coaching. Here are their websites if you are interested in finding more about them:www.latriaterranova.com www.yvesnager.com)  

(Interview & write-up by Bianca)

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